Join the 7th 2018/2019 CIRCLE trip to sierra leone



Our 7th trip to Sierra Leone came with a breath of excitement and learning experience. Partnering with The Blake School from Minnesota, SLFND successfully hosted 13 students and 4 adults in June/July of 2018. Thank you. Below are photos of some of the best memorable moments we had in Mondema, the impact and what it means to have Sierra Leone's first village preschool cooperative on its first permaculture farm in the country. 

While on site, we painted the classrooms for the children, preparing them for the start of the school year which will take place on September 17th. While we shared in music and dance, we also planted trees, participated in a permaculture class that was led by one of SLFND's board member Bruce Blair. Landscaping and design was an exciting time for all of us; while we learned how to create a hot compost, we also had deeper conversations on what it meant to be using a permaculture approach in the context of local communities like Mondema. We watched the World Cup games from Russia-right in Mondema, which was a clear testimony of how our worlds are truely connected. We tried new foods, like making the first Mondema Pizza. "While we slept with very little light at night, we could count the stars if we wanted to, and that made my trip everything". 

Our Dec/Jan trip is coming up soon. please share with your network and lets connect our experiences. 


June 2018-6th trip to Sierra Leone


5th Circle trip to Sierra Leone

Community sustainability at its best

December 26th, 2017-January 10th, 2018




Our 5th Circle trip to Sierra Leone is now open.

Join us on a journeying to Sierra Leone, to experience the power of a model of co-creating and designing Sierra Leone’s village early childhood education centers and permaculture farms across the country.

You will also have the opportunity to learn about the culture, and traditions of the communities we will visit. Your stay will be an experience that will be worth the time.

This trip will provide the opportunity for a life-changing visit to Sierra Leone. Each trip brings a very unique fulfillment to participants.


Trip includes

Participants paying their way to and from Sierra Leone

Contribute a Cost of $1,500 per person, which Includes 3 meals a day, lodging, in country transportation, excursion fees, a tax-deductible donation, and a contribution towards the collective development of SLFND.

  • Visit, stay and contribute through hands on work in village communities at SLFND operational sites. On this trip, we will spend the bulk of our time in the Mondema Village community, sharing and learning from each other the process of community development from a grassroots perspective.

  • Visit to historical sites in Freetown, preschool centers and farming communities outside of Freetown, to learn and the share skills for creating a self sustaining model of development.

  • Visit to Banana Island historical site, to learn about the culture, history and traditions of the past. As it is always said, "A people without knowledge of the their past, can not understand what is ahead of them in the future".

Packing list

  • Vaccines: Get your vaccines before you leave

  • Visa: Obtain your visa ahead of time-SLFND can write you a letter to the embassy

  • Malaria and anti-diarrhea medications

  • First aid kit (Already available)

  • Personal medications

    • Prescription medications

    • Pain/fever medications

    • Motion sickness relief

    • Antacid/Imodium

  • Alcohol based hand sanitizer

  • Sunscreen

  • oral re-hydration salts (Already available)

  • Insect Repellent: picaridin, natrapel, or deet concentration 35%, long lasting lotion

  • Evacuation insurance

  • Mosquito net (Already available)

  • Sleeping bag (No need to, climate is very hot)

  • Work boots

  • Flashlight

  • Money (Only $100 bills) ATM's are available, but limited and unreliable)

  • Clothing that covers most skin (insect, sun safety)

  • Charger adapter if needed for electronics

  • Snacks



To Participate

Provide us with your details below

Make a deposit by October 15th, 2017 of $500 to hold your spot by sending a check to the US address below.

Please send a check of $1,500 payable to SLFND to P.O. Box 7308 Minneapolis, MN 55407

Questions? Contact Hindolo Pokawa by email at, or by phone +1-(612) 702-0750

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