Daniel schmidt

"Daniel is a former collegiate athlete and health and fitness instructor by education. Since stepping away from this four years ago, he has been working in the sustainable agriculture and ecology development field. His passion now lies in the focus of bringing self-sufficiency to various communities through the practices of permaculture, cooperative economics, and community development. He dreams off all having access to healthy food, clean water, shelter, education, community, art and freedom of expression, and compassion and support for each other.

Daniel's work has involved organic farming, natural building and construction, permaculture education, off-grid energy and water systems, and ecotourism. He has worked with the following businesses/organizations:

- Mohala Farms (currently)
- Vitruvian Farms
- Earthship Biotecture
- Calling All Crows
- WorkAway
- Midwest Permaculture 

Daniel currently resides in Waialua on the North Shore of Oahu."