Hannah Eustacia Deen

 I am currently a RGN working in the surgical Unit as a surgical staff nurse and I have been working as a nurse since qualified in 2012 and started working a RGN in 2013 till date. I have been in the health care settings for 19 years, I started working as a Healthcare Assistance / Support Worker at an early age back in my country Sierra Leone as I am passionate in caring for Vulnerable people. I traveled to the UK and continue working as a HCA as I was unable to gained admission in University to study nursing then, as was told I should be in the country for three year as a home student before qualified to studying in the country or paid as an international student then.

I worked as a HCA for 8 years and in between gained admission in Uni to studied nursing in 2009. I love and have passion for my line of career, I enjoyed exploring and caring for vulnerable people.  I have been working as a RGN for 6 years and still working and I am going back to Uni in September 2019 to fulfill my dream to become a midwife as that what I ever wanted.