Nurture A Child

Our greatest gifts is to share in the joy of others. With one of the highest infant mortality rates in the world, SLFND believes that every child should be equipped to enjoy the right to play, receive quality food and nourish their minds with responsibilities to Care for the Earth, Care for People and Care for the future generation.

It has been proven over and again, that the best time to catch children during their development stage is when they are young. Instead of adopting or sponsoring a child, we are inviting you to Nurture A Child and see that child grow to become a leader in his or her community; this means a long term relationship will be formed with that child. This is a community sustainability approach that enables children to believe in their own abilities to do well in their own local communities. Not everyone has to leave for aboard or overseas, all what children need, is an environment that nurtures their growth.

By you nurturing a child, you are ensuring that child will stay in school with no school fees to worry the parents, school materials will be provided, this includes learning materials, as well as clothing; each child will have access to preventative care in the local clinic, and that child will receive two good meals a day from local organic food. 

The progress of the child will be constantly communicated to you. Your bond with that child goes beyond sponsorship. You will become a part of that child's life in a distance land, knowing that your support is making a meaningful sustainable development in one of the worlds poorest countries.