Permaculture Africa Cross Training


This initiative will build partnerships with organizations that promote the welfare of the African diaspora in the United States and Sierra Leone. We will build the capacity of individuals from all cultural and educational backgrounds, as well as grassroots organizations and large institutions, who are committed to broadening their knowledge and understanding of transformative processes for African diasporic communities. The next P.A.C.T gathering is from January 3, 2019 to January 12th, 2019.

P.A.C.T gathering is a unique gathering of individuals from throughout West Africa, and from around the world. This is a nine (9) days-72 hours certification training that allows for relationship building with concrete conditions in village settings in Sierra Leone.

The cost of the training including feeding (3 meals a day + snacks), loading, and in-country transportation is $1500 per person, and a recognized Permaculture Design Certification (PDC). Your air ticket is not included. A $500 deposit is due at the time of registration.

Expression of Interest with your contact information should be emailed to


Permaculture Africa Cross Training (P.A.C.T) is an integral part of our frame working consciousness to dream and put into practice ways we can shift from our exploitative and extractive relationships that affects all of us. We are doing so by sharing knowledge in and across cultures. Imagine the power of learning and sharing your knowledge with the world. We all have in us the power to support each other, lets do it.

Our Permaculture Faculty comprises of individuals with years of training, experience, creativity and the willingness to share with the world what it would take to bring us back to a sustainable living. Anyone can join our Permaculture Faculty. Let us know if you are interested, email: with your teaching interest.

All of our trips have one major purpose, to increase the Conscientization and Capacitation of our minds leading to actions that improves the human conditions.