Sam Grant

Co-chair of the Board of Directors

Sam Grant, MS/MA is a social entrepreneur committed to environmental health, cooperative economic wealth, and cultural integrity and well-being—he has organized around these core concerns since 1983.

Sam has been on faculty at Metropolitan State University since 1990 and has trained thousands of social justice facilitators around the world. 

Certified in Human Systems Dynamics and Permaculture Design, Sam continues his journey as a lifelong organizer, constantly working at the intersection of cultural, economic, and environmental justice. 

Sam has co–founded several organizations to include:

  • AfroEco

  • Full Circle Community Institute

  • Organizing Apprenticeship Project

  • The Wendell Phillips Community Development Federal Credit Union

  • The Green Institute Eco-Industrial Park

  • Grassroots Public Policy Institute

  • And many others

At the young age of 7, Sam had his first experience of extreme racial violence. After his family “integrated” a white neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida, he spent the next decade of his life literally fighting for survival, all while carrying the inner–scars of a war survivor. 

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