Elizabeth Kaima-Pokawa| SLFND UK Director

I was born in Sierra Leone. I came to England at the age of 10, and spoke very little English. Childhood and adolescents are important milestones in ones life. This is when children develop their subconscious self and identity, which will later guide them in the future. This is why I have come to be so passionate about the work of Sierra Leone Foundation for New Democracy (SLFND). With a focus on child development in rural villages in Sierra Leone, it gives me the hope to give back to a community that has lost so much over the years. As a youth, I had no one to guide or teach me on how to acquire the knowledge, understanding and experience required for being an asset to society. I grew up as an aggressive and insecure teenager seeking for love in all the wrong places; again reinforcing the importance of a strong support mechanism and parental presence during childhood. It gives me great pleasure, pride, and a sense of accomplishment when I am spending time to do something meaningful with my life. I have come to appreciate the values that were absent in during my early years. As the UK Chair Lady, and the Project Coordinator for Konima village in Kakowa Chiefdom under Bo District, my focus is the bring visibility to the work of the foundation in different encounters that would support fundraising, promotion and dissemination of ideas, facilitate the infrastructural development in Konima village to have a village preschool and permaculture farm.

LaTrice Woods | Campaign Director

LaTrice “Trice” has been working in the legal field for nearly six years, and is currently working as a paralegal for the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office Public Safety Division. At this time she is working on her second degree pursuing Biology with an emphasis in wildlife conservation, and plans on attending law school. Trice has over five years of formal teaching experience in an early childhood classroom setting, and has eagerly joined our efforts by becoming the coordinator for our Share A Book Campaign. With a passion for education, Trice spends her time volunteering with conservationists and traveling to different events learning about the legal issues involving animals, and the environment. Trice gives credit to her five year old daughter, Savannah, who has given her the courage to enthusiastically bring attention to environmental, and animal concerns.

Matthew George | Country Coordinator

I was born in Bo, Kakua chiefdom, Bo district southern Sierra Leone. I am a Catholic by faith and married with one child. After pursuing an honors degree in Sociology at the Njala University, Sierra Leone in 2013, I became attached to the Ministry of Lands Country Planning and Environment and Freetown City Council/ European Union Urban Planning Project as Urban Planning Expert in 2013. And in 2014, I served Partners in Health Sierra Leone (Port Loko Operations) as the Operations Coordinator/ Logistics Manager and I was promoted as an overall oversight Administrative Officer during which I directly reported to the District Clinical Lead for Partners In Health- Port Loko operations, overseeing all petty cash transactions, payment of a weekly patient log at the Port Loko Government Hospital, mentoring junior staff and coordinating overall logistics and medical supplies. I have vast working experiences in Administration, Emergency Operations, Logistics Coordination and Management. I am endowed with professional competencies and experience in work planning, development and implementation at regional national levels.

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Rick Groger | Accounting

Rick has a B.S. in Agricultural Business Administration from the University of Minnesota, St. Paul campus. For most of his career he worked 27 years in various managerial positions with the Minnesota Department of Revenue. Now retired, he is involved with various volunteer activities and currently works as treasurer for Quatrefoil Library in south Minneapolis. It is one of the largest GLBT libraries in the world and he handles all accounting related functions for the library, including preparation of tax returns and financial reporting.

Zainab Carolline Freeman | Health

As a Sierra Leonean presently working and residing in the USA. She is married, she is a midwife, an RN (Registered Nurse ), and a State Community Health Nurse (S.E.C.H.N ). She is a member of the Sierra Nurses and Midwife Associations. Prior to moving to the USA. She had worked on Ebola related issues during the Ebola crisis. As head of the Ebola unit in the children's hospital, Zainab worked with colleagues to bring hope and courage to individuals who were affected. During those times, she learnt to have a great compassion for children who are the future of our country. Children were abandon/ rejected bytheir families because their parents died of Ebola. Zainab Carolline Freeman is committed to the mission of SLFND and has whole heartedly embraced the vision to bring village nursery schools in farming communities in her native country of Sierra Leone.