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 2017/2018 volunteer opportunities

SLFND engages an integral, culturally-grounded design and development process to listen to people in the village, build their capacity to create their own futures, and use the tools and processes of permaculture design to support the active realization of regenerative livelihood in villages across Sierra Leone.

Volunteer opportunity are available in the following areas and can be carried out from any where around the world.

Time commitment: Two days in a month

Grant research and development: This is a great opportunity for those interested in researching grant opportunities and follow up with grant inquiries. We are a growing organization and are actively looking for funding sources to support our vision.

Administrative support: Administration support is key to the efficient operation of an organization. Volunteering with SLFND to support our administrative work is absolutely vital. You will be providing valuable help throughout the organization. There are several small administrative task available and it would be a pleasure to have you join the team.

Communications: As we gain more supporters in our work of building village preschool centers in Sierra Leone, it is important for us to communicate with our network of supporters around the world updates and interests, communications skills at different levels are welcomed.

Speaking Engagements: We would welcome help in finding opportunities to speak in your community of influence.  Connecting with schools, places of worship, community groups and other organizations is an important part of building partnerships and expanding the work of SLFND.

Events Coordination: Our hope is to plan several fundraisers a year, and you could be an important part of making them a success.

Circle Trips: Our deep connections to one another are the bases for all of our existence. Coordination of our trips to Sierra Leone twice a year is a vital, and you can be a part of that vitality. Circle Trips Volunteers will work with those interested in visiting our work in Sierra Leone by organizing and providing timely details of the trips, meeting, and sharing knowledge of Sierra Leone and the work we are doing.

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