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Sierra Leone Foundation for New Democracy works in partnership with communities to build the foundation for citizens of all ages to deliberate and enact new, non-adversarial alternatives that nurture democratic relationships and decision making among and across individuals, families, institutions, and the environment.


Connectedness among people and the earth, wounds healing, creativity flowing




The Sierra Leone Foundation for New Democracy is actively establishing the country’s first rural early childhood education program on its first rural permaculture farm. SLFND's Dovalema Early Childhood Center and Ta-Valema Permaculture Farm & Learning Lab will serve together as a laboratory for children (age two to five), adults, and elders to cultivate non-adversarial ways of interacting with each other, with institutions, and with the environment.



My visit to SLFND impacted me in many ways. As a teacher, I am very interested in seeing my colleagues in other communities and the schools where they work with their students. I had visited rural village schools and had witnessed the extreme challenges teachers and eager students face: schools in ruins, a scarcity of the most basic school resources and overcrowded classes, to name a few. I talked to many children in my host village who weren't in school because their family could not afford the school fees. Then I visited SLFND! I met the teachers and toured the facilities. I was so impressed with the idea of providing child-centered pre-school for all, with NO school fees, and also providing nutritious meals grown and cooked on site in a permaculture setting. What an amazing way to provide an educational foundation to our world's most precious resource: our children. I was so inspired that I decided to contribute to the cause by supporting one teacher for one year, through monthly donations to SLFND. I hope you, dear reader, can support SLFND. Thank you.

JJ Kahle-Blake School Instructor (2018)


Having the opportunity to support and be apart of the Sierra Leone Foundation for New Democracy (SLFND) instilled my belief that community power exists and is thriving. In a world where greed and hatred seem so prevalent, a place like Mondema that is coming together to build a more sustainable and resilient community for themselves gives me hope and inspires me to spread that love and collaboration that I witnessed to the other communities I am apart of.

Madison Tomony-HECUA Student (2015/16)


How we approach our work


At the heart of Sierra Leone Foundation for New Democracy, Care for the Earth, Care for People, and Fair Share defines what we do and why.

Our world is truly interconnected, and so our lives are dependable on each other, and on the ecology that sustains life. 

Permaculture approach as a way of life, is a paradigm that produces no waste. Acting now to support our very existence on earth is an urgent purpose.

As Wangari Maathai would say,

" In the course of history, there come a time when humanity is called to shift to a new level of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground. A time when we have to shed our fear and give hope to each other. The time is now."

Our approach is informed by these twelve permaculture principles. Through these principles, SLFND believes, we can solve food scarcity, produce better seeds, reuse energies, minimize waste, respond to innovative changes that supports a balanced ecosystem. This is our call, and the children are the foundation.



2nd Permaculture design certification training

JANUARY 3rd, 2019- JANUARY 12th 2019